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Print & Website Design

A designer creates a memorable visual identity for your brand. A business coach helps you plan for success. Designed for Momentum® offers you both in every project.

Think of it as a fusion of “Who I want to be” with “Where I want to go.” Having a combination of graphic design and business coaching services gives you two powerful tools to tell the world who you are and where you’re going.

The “1-2 punch” of coaching and design means your marketing tools will align with your values and goals. You get more than an unforgettable website or a nice brochure. You get a plan for success, a knowledgeable guide, materials that really reflect who you are and the tools to get there.

Marketing Momentum

A coach helps you bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be. Carefully listening to help you craft goals to move you forward and create momentum. Designed For Momentum® creates a dynamic think tank that extracts not only your brilliant ideas but also provides the know-how to get it done. All while sharing the best design and marketing tips from over a decade in the industry.

This means you get to create momentum in your marketing. You get to master your message. Define your value. Gain visibility. Connect with your customers. You gain systems and packages that support your success. Taking comfort in the fact that your direction is guided and intentional.

You can have it all

What if you could have it all? Running a business is a full time job. Knowing where to begin is not easy. Designed for Momentum® offers a full service package for the businesses that are just hatching in the world.

Coaching up front to carefully craft your message and hone in on your marketing. Collaboration on full print and web branding to support your stand out message in the marketplace. Rounding it out with more coaching to build momentum in your marketing as you move out into the world.

Success in business takes time, yes. Focused time, directed energy and the right tools, however, create momentum that can speed up your learning curve.

There is a LOT of content out there. Most of it telling you what you’re doing wrong. Or what is wrong with you.

So pause and take a minute today to tap into what you’re doing RIGHT, please.

Because reading all of that can make you feel like crap pretty quickly. There are many days I turn social media off because it just doesn’t make me FEEL good to scroll and read. What about you?

So just a reminder to anyone who needs to see it today … you’re doing better than you think you are. 💗

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NOT knowing what I’m doing has made me an expert over the years.

I posted recently about this personal project I’m working on. We have this really awkward slant on our side yard that we’ve never done anything with. When we recently had our driveway worked on, I ended up with a bunch of extra pavers. I knew just what to do with them. I’m creating a sensory pathway for my daughter. Between my work hours and time with her, I’m doing little chunks at a time usually in the evenings. The only problem is … I have no idea how to build a stair-stepped walkway. Or a sensory pathway.

As I work on this project, it’s reminding me how I approach most projects.

1️⃣ start with an exciting (but big) idea
2️⃣ realize I have no idea what I’m doing
3️⃣ lay it out imperfectly just to get a visual
4️⃣ start to form a plan
5️⃣ do few steps with my new plan to test my theory
6️⃣ realize it’s not quite right and adjust
7️⃣ get into the hard work
8️⃣ refine as I go
9️⃣ let go of my need for perfection

I almost always do things the hard way. Then get better at it as I go and my brain smoothes out the process. But I would have never created anything if I didn’t just try it first.

I’ve used this when creating my:
- courses
- signature course
- workshops
- blogs
- creative projects for my daughter
- house projects

JUST TRYING (with no idea what I’m doing) has changed my life over the years. Just write down an outline and see what happens. What could you create by just trying?

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When it comes to setting up your business, most everything is editable.

Step into the enjoyment of a new idea. Play with it. Don’t take it too seriously.

The joy is in the trial and error. Try your new idea on, explore what it’s meant to be formed into. If you mess up, edit it and try it again.

Testing of a new system doesn’t have to be stressful - it’s just that … a test. Enjoy the experience of learning something new.

Inviting clients to check out your new business or try your new offer doesn’t have to be scary or sale-sy. This is an exciting time of growth for you. Invitations or announcements need to be wrapped in a fun, joyful expression of who you are. That’s what the offer is after all … an expression of you and your brilliant ideas.

Way too often we throw out a great idea because it didn’t work the first time. If your people loved the concept, then pause, be honest with yourself about what did and didn’t work. Then, try again. Better this time. Have *more* fun with it. Deliver better results.

I almost always do something the hard way the first few times I put it out in the world. Then, I erase what didn’t work, edit it, and try it again. It’s been working for 20 years! ❤️ Don’t be so hard on yourself. Enjoy the playful process of entrepreneurship.

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Always working projects and new ideas. Super important to find creativity outside of work. My daughter inspires the best ideas for exercising my creative mind. This is my current evening project. I’ll post the final version in a few weeks when I have it done!

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