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Me. Behind the scenes. Pretty much constantly. 🤣

I’m a roll with the punches kind of business owner.

I set up processes and technology and expect them to change based on what any group or specific client needs.

I listen to what my intuition is saying (even if it’s saying to switch tech halfway through a setup) based on what will best serve a client.

I expect my clients will probably change their minds, too.

There are days it gets the best of me, but most days I’m back here like a normal person quoting Friends in my head: “PIVOT!” Talking to my computer. And walking away when the shifts get the better of my linear brain.

That’s what normal people do. Right? RIGHT?!? 😬 🤣

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coaching program. Such fun and impactful goals they’ll be working on over the next 7 months! 😍 I still have two spots left if you want in! Details in the link in my bio. ...

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Sometimes we know all the answers but we just need someone to reflect them back to us.

I had an awesome strategy session today with an upcoming group member. She started sharing her details of her business and I was impressed by how organized she already was.

She was surprised, too, ha! Literally saying, “wow, I didn’t realize how clear I had gotten on this. I’m just not fully putting it in motion.”

I can relate to her experience today so much. I often can’t see the forest for the trees and need someone to voice my ideas with.

Isn’t that the true heart of what coaching does? Reflects back to us what we already know deep within.

📸 @elizabethaimages

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As a self-professed sticky noter, I needed help organizing my thoughts! I will create a process and then revert back to sticky notes or hand written pages that disappear in notebooks. Until I found the holy grail of notebooks! Meet @getrocketbook … your new business bestie.

1. Write your notes using their special (erasable!) pen.
2. Scan the page with their app.
3. Share it to you fav cloud service.
4. Erase the page and write again.

Notes can be filtered and searched. Pages can be erased and reused. I love it for to-do lists, project notes, brainstorming and client notes. And, yes, they have planners, too! Almost all of my clients get one of these as a gift if they’re paper and pen preferred business owners.

You’re welcome!

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Revising some of my trainings and came across these gems when it comes to picking a niche. I have a unique spin on niching down while not boxing yourself in 🙌🏼 A win for your marketing and a win for your wild spirit, too. ✨ ...

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