Creating a logo design is an exciting step in making your message clear for your brand. When you start, you might feel a bit overwhelmed with all you are trying to fit into the mark. After all, your business isn’t one dimensional and you don’t serve just one client. So, how do you narrow down the key message that you want to convey through your logo?

I have a few questions I’d like for you to ask yourself when it comes to your logo design:

  1. What is your company name? 
    This sounds obvious, but so many people jump into making a logo before they solidify what they want their company to be called. Your name plays a big part in your identifier. How will people be finding you? Through your name? By a descriptive title? Do you want to lure them in with a word that makes them want to know more? Will you have a tagline? These are all questions that are important to ask yourself before you create your logo.
  2. What is your core message?
    As you start your business, having a mission statement or a vision for how you want to change people through your work is vital information for your logo design. If you could teach people 1 thing that would change their lives, what would it be?
  3. What is the feeling you want your clients to get from your logo design?
    When you see a strong logo, you feel something. You might feel warm and fuzzy or trusting or confident or any other variety of emotions. What is the feeling you want a client to have when they work with you? That is the feeling you want your clients to experience when they see your logo.
  4. What is the change that you want your clients to experience as they work with you?
    Change happens as clients invest in themselves. How will your clients change and transform as they work with you? Can that transformation be conveyed through your logo?
  5. What makes your services stand out from your competition?
    There are so many businesses out there offering similar services. What makes you different for your audience? What makes you memorable?
  6. Who are you talking to?
    Knowing your audience is a key element to your logo. Even if you’re just starting out, you know something about who you’re talking to. Use what you know. Do they want clean, professional lines? Or, soft, flowy structure. Playful, heartwarming illustration. Or, easy to the point words. What would speak to them?
  7. If you could condense your message into 3 words that you would like your logo to convey, what would they be? 
    Doing this helps to bring the vast possibilities that you offer through your services into an easy to digest summary of what you want to say. This forms a great cross check after you have a strong mark to make sure you are communicating what you hope to.
  8. What colors and fonts do you want to have in your logo?
    Think about the emotions you want the logo to elicit. There are colors that evoke a strong, playful response. Or, a clean, professional feel. Even a grounded depth. Fonts can do the same thing. There are playful fonts, super clean fonts, fonts that look like signatures for a personal feel and fonts that mimic other brands. What do you want your fonts and colors to say about your brand?
  9. What designs out there do you like and dislike? And, more importantly, why?
    Knowing what speaks to you (or not) and why gives you important key information into what type of logo design will get your message across.
  10. How will you know when you’ve hit the mark? 
    We often don’t think about how we want our own branding to make US feel. So, how do you want to feel when you see your logo and you know it’s “the one?” Having this thought through up front will help you experience the feeling when the time is right.

These are the top 10 questions we ask any client who hires us for logo design. Take some time with these to write out your responses and really dive deep into your brand.

Your success deserves it.

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