You started your business because you have a passion for what you do. You truly see the value in your product or service. But even though you know what your brand brings to the table, you’re having a hard time relaying this effectively to potential customers. Should you scrap the whole thing and go back to the 9-5 job that made you dread Mondays? Please don’t! If your brand is experiencing a plateau, it may be because of weak messaging or a watery process. It’s not necessarily due to your would-be customers’ lack of interest in what you’re offering.

Here are a few key signs that your message is weaker than it should be:

  • You’re not getting many referrals.
  • You’re not the go-to expert in your industry.
  • You have a hard time getting specific about what your ideal customer looks like.
  • When asked to describe your business, you use generic or vague terms. Examples of this might be using words like “authentic” or “mind/body/spirit” but you’re not quite sure how to get more specific.
  • You notice that your content, imagery, and focus are so similar to your competitors, you aren’t standing out.

These issues often relate back to one underlying problem: you’re not fully connected to the “why” (aka your PASSION) behind your brand. Regardless of whether you’re an acupuncturist, a massage therapist, a landscaper, or something else entirely, the “why” behind what you do impacts all areas of your company.

If you’ve ever seen this Ted Talk called “Start With Why” then you know just how valuable it is to identify the driving force behind your brand. If you haven’t seen it, gift yourself with 20 minutes of brilliance now …

Since I’m trained as both a business coach and a graphic designer, I partner with entrepreneurs who have found themselves in this “lack of why” purgatory. Together, my clients and I do a deep dive to unlock the clarity they desperately need to take their brand to the next level. Most designers can take the content you give them and make it look pretty, but are they actually helping you tell your story and connect with your audience in a meaningful way? I can do all of this.

When we work together, we’re looking at:

  • Identifying the “why” that exists behind what you do.
  • Figuring out what separates you from your competition.
  • Targeting the key pieces of information that a visitor should see right away when they check out your site.
  • Zeroing in on your brand’s lead magnets
  • Developing content calendars to connect more frequently with your audience.

Most importantly, we’re breaking all of these elements down into manageable chunks.

As we work together, you can expect an open dialogue that includes both firm deliverables and specific dates, so you know exactly how your site is progressing. We cringe every time we talk to a business owner who has either heard of or experienced the frustration that comes when your web designer sells you a bill of goods, and then leaves you high and dry. Here at Designed for Momentum, our clear, regular communication is the opposite. You’ll know exactly how your site is progressing. When it’s complete, you’ll enjoy a full tutorial so you can maximize your site as a marketing tool. And, I can’t help but be a business coach and provide feedback and ideas around your brand and message every step of the way.

If this sounds like the kind of kickstart you need to take your business to the next level in 2018, set up a coaching session to go through a marketing audit with me. Contact us today to get started.

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