About Katie Mattson Craig

Designed For Momentum™ founder Katie Mattson is a veteran graphic designer and adventurist. She’s worked with entrepreneurs, corporations, small business owners, career shifters and more. In 2009, Katie co-founded the Social Media Works event for entrepreneurs. She has earned a BFA in graphic design from James Madison University, a coaching certificate from Coach University, and earned an ACC certification from the International Coach Federation in 2006. Katie served for three years on the board of the Charlotte Area International Coach Federation Chapter. Katie has also participated in numerous continuing education programs throughout the years to keep herself up to date with the ever-changing aspects of technology and marketing.


About Our Team

Here at Designed For Momentum™, we run a small team of highly creative and brilliant design and web professionals. We are dedicated to your success and value how collaboration can crack open a creative challenge. We love to laugh and we always, always strive to do our best for you and the business you have worked so hard to build.

Fun Facts About Katie

On Creativity

When I’m in the flow of creativity, I literally dream about my projects.

On Finding the Right Track

Digging into my client’s business mission makes me so happy. I know we are on the right track when I start getting goosebumps.

On Making Work Fun

I once substituted the word “marketing” with “peanut butter” in every coaching session with one client because “marketing” gave her anxiety.

On Setting Boundaries

I love providing value and over the years have had to create strong boundaries so I don’t give away TOO much at the expense of myself.

On Recharging

I love to recharge outdoors. Hiking, kayaking, climbing…these things feed my soul and my creativity.

On Inspiration

My best source of color inspiration is the produce section at the grocery store or farmer’s market.

On Creating Sanity

Tippy (my dog) is my sidekick. She goes pretty much everywhere with me and has been with the business since it’s inception. She provides sanity and support during those busy months. So do Bullet and Wylie, my two cats.