Give your business a shot of momentum!

We all face elephants in our businesses. Whether you are launching a new company or jump starting an existing one, this program is designed to put momentum in your marketing.

Marketing Momentum Business Coaching Program

Be honest with me. How many of the following apply to you?

  • Just starting your business?

  • Have you been in business for a while but you are frustrated that you are not gaining the traction you want?

  • Are you truthfully not really quiet sure how to get your act together to take actionable steps forward?

  • Do you feel like you have NO idea how to track your income and sales?

  • Are you wondering how you will create valuable content consistently for your followers?

  • Do you fear there is a huge learning curve to understand the technology available to you?

  • Are you unsure of how to package your offerings to create lasting sustainability in your business?

You are so not alone.

I started my business over a decade ago and I was so young (23) and super naive. I launched and just expected clients to come. I didn’t really do anything to market or get myself out there other than a little social media. People were supposed to latch on, right? Isn’t that how it worked?

Sound familiar?

You know, business is a tricky beast. You have to pull the right levers and push the right buttons to make it go. And then remember that combination to keep it going. And, commit to continuing to play.

I use the word play because isn’t that what we all want? For your business to feel like play? Tell me if this sounds familiar, too. You want to do the work you love to do and not worry about the rest of it. For ideal clients to find you easily and just know that you are right for them. For a dream team of support staff to help you reach your dreams. For clients to really hear your message and be moved by it. Changed. Motivated. Inspired. Not to mention the fun vacations, time off and time with your family that you see is possible from this successful business.

This vision is beautiful.

And you really can have it. But you have to be willing to work for it. Not just up front but for the entire length of time you wish to play in your business. This is so important for you to believe because it’s how business works. Can it get easier? Oh yes. Can you automate some of your processes so you can do more of the work you love? You bet. Is there still some hard work that needs to be done? Absolutely.

Business can be fun. Rewarding. Playful. Full of joy. AND, it takes work. My clients have found that the work can be fun when they are focused on a business that makes them happy.

So, if you are intrigued and you are ready to get down to business (I love a good pun!), then I would love to share a bit about the Momentum Marketing Business Coaching Program:

Step 1: Defining Your Value

One of the biggest mistakes I see business owners make is that they market to everyone and they hop around in their message depending on what certain clients want. After our time together, you will be really, really clear about what connects you to doing this work, what value you bring to the table, who you’re serving and why it fuels you. You deserve a business that makes you excited to get up each morning and supports the lifestyle you want to live. You also deserve a business that feels clear and directed. So do your clients.

Step 2: Mastering Sales

“Sales” is often a dirty word amongst newer business owners. It inspires those heebie-jeebies. It’s hard to focus on creating sales when you either don’t know where to start or are frustrated with your sales thus far that you don’t feel like pushing anymore OR you are fearful of getting out from behind your computer and scared of what I will ask you to do. You are running a business and as such, sales that sustain your income are imperative. You can thrive AND your work can reflect who you are. You are doing the work you are doing because you are passionate about filling a need. BUT your clients need to be able to identify with that need and understand how you can help them. They also need to know how to easily hire you. I pinky swear not to ask you to do anything that makes you break out in a sweat. I will show you how to connect to your customers on your terms, stay true to yourself and talk about what you offer in an easy and effortless way.

Step 3: Creating Abundance (a truthful look at Financials, Analytics & Time)

I tell my clients all the time that they need to focus on being abundant not just making enough to pay the bills. We sell ourselves short! I believe in planning for success. In the past, taking a truthful look at my financials was my least favorite step. I avoided it for many, many years. BUT my business turned around rapidly when I started diligently tracking my financials, analytics and time. Doing this also helped me create the packages I have today. Money and time are like everything else. If you water a plant and pay attention to what it needs, it grows. If you ignore it and hope it grows, it withers and dies. Or grows out of control. You want a healthy, thriving plant.

Step 4: Internal and External Success Systems

Implementing successful internal systems can keep your business healthy and growing. And they can keep you sane! Between automation and hiring people to help, it’s important to know which systems you need and how to use them effectively. Our goal in business is always to strive for maximum impact and efficiency and minimal stress.

Do you have a process for working with clients? Does your process build trust and effectively communicate what your working agreement will be? Is it clean and straight forward? Do your clients know what they can expect from you? Having clear processes keeps clients happy and keeps your own sales and internal processes easily manageable!

Step 5: Marketing & Content Creation

Expanding your reach through social media, blogging, newsletters, opt ins, list building and other channels can be a very successful way to keep your existing clients and your potential clients in the know. AND it keeps you top of mind. Figuring out where to start can be so daunting, I know. We will talk about the types of ways to market so you can choose which avenues fit your personality and reach the best. Then, talk about a checklist on how to get started. I will also teach how to write good content that your clients will read and that google will find! Finally, we will set up a content calendar to keep your marketing momentum flowing all year.

Step 6: Getting Clients & Providing Expert Customer Service

Anybody can get a few clients. But it’s the people who keep them and keep bringing in more that really capture me. We’ll talk about the mystery of what keeps clients coming back. I can help you craft a recipe for successful, memorable client interactions that will keep your clients talking and returning. We will also continue our discussion about how to implement those marketing plans we’ve discussed!

You deserve a business that thrives and gains momentum.

Sound good to you? Let’s get started.