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Fresh turmeric and lemongrass from my niece’s garden. Added chopped chicken, fresh ginger, carrots, bok choy, avocado oil, coconut milk, water, and noodles.

I spent a full 9 days sick after Christmas. First a stomach bug, then immediately strep. Bleh.

This soup did my body good. Full of all my favorite things. And, anti-inflammatory to boot.

I want to feel good this year. That means feel good in my body, in my skin, in my work, relationships, family, travels … all of it. Health and joy. That’s my focus. What’s yours?

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Nothing changes if you don't.

Get this year started right. Start running your business TODAY how you want it to look a year from now. This means ...

🌟 Set stronger boundaries to protect your personal time.
🌟 Enforce your agreements, cancellation policies, and terms and conditions.
🌟 Start raising your rates for new clients.
🌟 Craft your content and new offerings to speak to your dream clients.
🌟 Communicate changes in policy.
🌟 Set specific work hours. And play hours 😉
🌟 Say no to tasks you don't want to do. And, yes, to more of what you do want.

There is no time like the present to start crafting the future you want! Happy New Year! #happynewyear #nowplaying

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What makes you happy?

As this year draws to a close, I’m left feeling a little like I’ve been wrung out. I’ve written about it a good bit. Business has been … weird. Life has been … weird. Sleep as been … spotty. My direction has been … curvy.

But one thing remains behind it all. My daughter. Every decision to scale back. To take time off. To lessen my hours. To say no to a project. To step away from an offering. It all had to do with focusing on having time with my girl. I won’t get these moments back.

As I closed out with a client yesterday, we centered a lot of our conversation around the question: “what would make you happiest?”

So as we begin the mental transition to a new year, I’m curious what makes YOU happy?

And I challenge you to:
💫 stop comparing
💫 step out of what isn’t inspiring you
💫 say no more and focus on the yes’s that you really mean
💫 give more in the little everyday meaningful ways
💫 be brave enough to ask for what you want and need no matter the outcome
💫 believe in yourself the way those around you believe in you
💫 focus on the positive more and not the negative

So the moments like this one in this photo? It makes all the sleepless nights, brain fog, questioning my direction, hurried days, and scaling back worth it.

I couldn’t see it along the way necessarily in the moments of tears, getting up for the 4th time during the night, the soothing of colds/ear infections/viruses, or the constant questioning if I’m doing it all right. But now, as I reflect on the year as a whole (funny how perspective can help), I’ve cleaned house. I have clients I love. I made more (shocked me, too!), worked way less. And, have a babe that loves adventures with her mama and gets to see me throughout the week. I’d say I somehow did it right. Even if it was hard to see along the way.

Happy holidays to you! What makes you happiest? What are you celebrating at the close of this year?

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This year has been wild.

My behind-the-scenes struggle has been real. Finding the spunk and spark to run and grow a business while pushing through the sleep deprivation of having a baby is a huge challenge. I chose to be honest with my clients this year. To let them know that while having a baby is a tremendous blessing, I was also struggling to find the right fit for my schedule and my brain power.

I saved every ounce of reserve energy and passion for my active clients this year. I set major boundaries. I said no a lot. I scaled back a huge portion of my business. I let go of clients that didn’t energize me. I tried on new offerings and I was honest when some of them didn’t go quite how I intended. I still wasn’t enough for some people and that’s ok. I feel we found a way to get their deepest needs and desires met.

Integrity and intuition are important to me. I honored both this year in how I ran my business. I leaned into my team a ton and they stepped up to the plate big time.

I’ve felt this nudge all year that more is coming. Something different. Something bigger.

My action-taker wants to leap at it and get it figured out and done. My quieter side keeps reminding me it’s a process. To be patient. That it’s all unfolding. My resistance to getting quiet is softening. My inner voice is saying “almost” instead of “just wait.”

I’m stepping into this new year honoring my inner knowing. Trusting the timing. Trusting there IS time. Knowing that when the picture becomes clear, the timing will be right.

It’s forming, slowly. And I know it will be more beautiful than I can see now. It always is.

There is still momentum even if it’s slow progress. Even if your self care comes first. Even if you can’t see the full path yet. Each step forward creates momentum. Trust those nudges. Focus on the parts that make you feel alive and excited. Gift yourself time to explore them. There is time.

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Here we go @glennondoyle 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 Already writing the most beautiful stories my mind can conjure about about life. Thank you in advance! 💫 ...

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