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Every few months I end up talking with a business owner who wants to do the core of their work but wishes they could offload everything else. Sometimes we forget that the grass isn’t always greener.

When you own a business, you also become the provider, bookkeeper, marketer, admin, and sales team.

If you just want to hire other people to do the work, then #realtalk ... you may be happier working for someone so you can focus on doing just what you love.

Owning a business is not the easy path. There are so many hats to wear, so many details to figure out.

Once you reach a certain income level, you can absolutely contract out aspects of the tasks you don’t enjoy to team members you do love.

IF, however, you just want someone else to do all the work ... then you don’t really want to own a business.

#loveyourwork #loveyourself #loveyourlife

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Might have put the final touches on the revised Collective page with the help of @therealslim.zerkie 💃🏽 AKA not Katie being stuck in Katie’s head and stumbling over her words. Link is in my bio for you curious ones 🔥 😉

Feeling excited, nervous, and grateful about the whole thing.

Excited to grow in this brand new way.

Nervous to get myself out there more and lead a group instead of just 1:1 moving forward.

Grateful to have such wonderful people in the Collective already, for those inspiring me with their own success and showing me how it’s done, and for my business besties who encourage me every day. 😍

Check out the link in my bio if you’re looking for a think tank community for über-passionate entrepreneurs. We’ll help you unscramble your messy brain to find messaging and marketing focus and awesome business inspiration 👏🏼🎉

@therealslim.zerkie is the BOMB if you’re looking for a copywriter to help you convey what’s in your head and help you explain the value of your work. She seriously helped me so much to put words to my feelings (I have a hard time writing my own stuff) AND her process showed me the value of my offers in an even deeper way.

So grateful!

📸 @elizabethaimages

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Imma ruffle some feathers with this one probably.

Yes, I have a marketing background.
Yes, I know promises sell.
Yes, I know you can provide what you’re saying.

The problem is … with the big promises in marketing these days … we sometimes unconsciously set an unrealistic shame cycle and expectation for our clients.

If I promise you’ll be making six figures in your business (which you’ll never hear me say), and you don’t reach that goal, then we’ve just sparked a cycle of:
- shame: that you didn’t “accomplish” what was promised.
- frustration: that you didn’t get out of coaching what you were sold.
- disappointment: in yourself that you didn’t “do it the right way.”
- avoidance: of other programs out of fear that they won’t work.

Gross. Yuck. Ewww. Let’s not, thanks.

I know that in marketing language, in order to actually connect with our clients, we need to discuss outcomes, but the sticky part is that we are sharing what could be possible if you implement the tools being taught. That doesn’t mean every client will take action in the same way or take action AT ALL!

I much prefer the honest truth of outcome possibilities, and added guidance, accountability, and support for those inevitable moments when you do get stuck or experience fear. You’ll get much farther, much faster, without the burden of some massive promise hanging over your head.

Let your journey to success be YOUR journey to success. What do you think?

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I’m definitely that cat mom that tells my kitty to be safe, make good choices, and that I love him when he wants to stay out for the night 🤣

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Dream your dreams, my friends.

That’s where the good stuff starts!

Then get to action! No matter what - form your plan.

Don’t resist taking action out of fear. Those steps (even missteps) will teach you SO much.

You will get better and better and better the more action you take.

Make a plan - be FOCUSED on what you’re trying to accomplish - watch your business flourish.

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You never know what energy is swirling around the outcome you want.

You just have to meet it with bold action.

Thanking @deemontie and @beck_keen for this powerful reminder yesterday.

What if ...
💥 you asked for what you want without attachment to outcome?
💥 you TRIED the thing you were scared of?
💥 you made the idea in your head real by writing it out in full detail just to see what it really looks like?
💥 you made space for the progress, joy, and momentum to happen?

What if, indeed ...

Playing with possibilities this week. How about you?

📸 @elizabethaimages

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