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I used to be silent.

People would ask me all the time what I had just said because I spoke so softly.

When I laughed, my shoulders shook and my face lit up but no sound came out.

I was petrified to talk about what I do.

It’s no secret I’m an introvert, but t one point in my life, I was afraid of my own voice.

I’ve been thinking a lot about confidence. What do you think it takes to be confident?

I’ve worked a lot on my ability to speak up and own my knowledge. As I grow this year into a new business model and my goal of being more visible, I will need to stretch even more.

You’re going to see more of me ... and I’ll probably be scared every step of the way.

But I’m doing it. Because staying quiet only made this voice inside me roar louder in my own head. She needs to be expressed. She has things to say. She has things to share.

Stay tuned.
Don’t hide yourself.
Be brave enough to try.
You’re not alone in the fear of what if.

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I love being an entrepreneur and I love my clients. But some days can just be plain hard.

There have been a looootttt if learning curves in my journey. I’ll admit when I was 24 I was super ignorant to what it took to start a business. In some ways that served me and in a lot of ways it did not.

Especially when it came to actually running a business - not a hobby!

Check out my blog that showcases the good, the bad and the ugly of being an entrepreneur!

What about you? What are your favorite and least favorite parts of being a business owner? 💗

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The topic of timing has come up in my client sessions a lot recently.

When you’re just not feeling the push of productivity but things need to get done ... what do you do?

You stop. Temporarily.

If your energy is exhausted ... rest. When you do pick the task back up, you’ll be so much more energized and motivated to get it done.

Trust your timing.

In my experience, forcing things creates resistance and a total lack of productive work even though I’m “busy.”

When I allow myself to step away, that’s when I recharge and I can come back with fresh eyes and a fresh brain to complete the task way faster than if I’d tried to force it.

What about you? Do you trust things will get completed in divine timing? Or do you push yourself beyond exhaustion?

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Know the fastest way to grow your business?

HAVE FUN with it!!!

Right now, think up 3 things you would LOVE to do with your clients.

What experience would you like them to have?

What would you gift them with?

What activity would you do with them?

Incorporate those ideas into your offerings.

All these business models are so stuffy sometimes. I'd like to see some FUN infused in them! Not only will it make your services exciting for your clients but it will keep you engaged as well!

My best business building marketing ideas have been avenues that get me super excited to promote and provide.

Lord knows business isn't always easy but it CAN be fun!

What do you say? If you're open to it, share your idea of playtime in the comments!

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So I’ve cried a lot this year.

Yes, I realize we’re only 18 days in. It’s not been a great year so far.

It started with a very fussy baby. We got a trifecta of teething, growth spurt, and a cold from Christmas on. This meant an unconsolable, must be walking, waking all night long baby. Daytime? Happy as can be.

Why is everything harder and more painful in the dark?

Next came a covid scare for our nanny who quarantined and got tested (she was negative, thank goodness). But that meant I cancelled my work calendar for the entire first week of the year. With a plan to kick off a Jan Biz Challenge which needed videos, email scripts, and promotions created … it was tough.

BUT I DID IT. I have 27 participants after just one week of quickie promotions.

Then, a week ago Sun night came heartbreak. My sweet (and sometimes salty) kitty, Wylie, went out after dinner. He’s been missing ever since. We haven’t given up hope but I’m scared. Every night I curl up in bed, wishing he was next to me purring. I wonder if he’s out there shivering, alone. Or gone forever.

I’m also coming to terms with this weird first time motherhood in isolation. What I thought would be a beautiful experience of community love and help has been a very small circle of “safety.” Something I have for sure been judged for protecting.

I’m over here doing my best. Learning a lot of new ways. Trying to keep up. Savoring the highs and feeling into the lows.

It’s been a tough year. Life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes you just want someone to see your struggle and say, “I see you. I see your pain. I see your strength. I’m not trying to fix it. I know you’re going to be ok.

And I am ok. Overall, life is smiles and baby giggles a lot of the time. But we all have our moments.

So give each other grace.
Give yourself grace.
Make your happy moments.
Cry your tears.
Feel your feels.
Work with people who energize you.
Create what makes your heart happy.
Be real with ... life.

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Does anyone out there hate networking? 🙋🏻‍Introvert? 🙋🏻‍Clam up in a room full of people you don’t know? 🙋🏻‍

As an introvert, my least favorite thing to do in business is to be in a room full of people I don’t know.

So I’ve gotten creative over the years. I let the networking come to me. It suits my personality AND helps me network as an introvert with a business.

Want to know how? Click the link in my bio to read my blog on how to network when networking just isn’t your thing! 💗

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