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How does the world see YOU?

I’ve always said if I could choose any super power, I would choose the ability to help others see themselves as the world sees them.

So often my clients come confused, with chaotic minds, and the inability to see their own strengths and talents.

It is a joy and a please to help reintroduce them to themselves.

To hold up the mirror to remind them what makes them so special.

To explore all the unique facets of their personalities and abilities.

Then to dream and envision what can be …

I don’t always do this well for myself. But it brings me immense happiness to do it for others. 💕

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Whatever it is you’re trying to do today.

You can do this.

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When I went through coach training, we had an entire class on listening. Being present and truly listening can be a huge gift to someone else. And, a massive learning experience for you.

My clients often say, “wow! You just summed up allll that has been rattling around in my brain so quickly and easily. Say it again so I can write it down, please.”

Next time you’re having a conversation, consider:
✨ Listening without the intent to respond. Too often we pre-plan our response which leads to miscommunication because we stopped fully listening to have our say.
✨ Stop what you’re doing (ie put the phone down) and make eye contact. Be present in your conversations. Remember how we used to be that way?
✨ listen to what the other person is actually saying (not what YOU would say). Don’t put your story on them. Actually listen to what they’re expressing.

Try it out this week and see what a difference it starts to make in your communication!

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I had a moment today. Not a good moment.

Today was one of those days where my underlying current has just felt “less than.”

There is no particular reason why. Honestly, I suspect it’s because I didn’t have any big wins today so far. It’s Ben a slow day.

So my mind slowly chips away at my self worth. I start to question all that I’m doing. Why I’m doing it. Where I’m going.

Ever had one of those days?

I have a blog to write, projects to work on, and clients to respond to. But I know my energy isn’t behind them.

No one benefits when my heart isn’t in the task I’m doing. So what am I going to do instead of what’s on my to-do list?
💕 Remind myself of all that IS going right
💕 Go for a walk
💕 Have a planning session with a biz bestie (bc no good happens in my brain alone when I’m like this)
💕 Trust that these tasks will come together at the perfect time once my head clears
💕 Snuggle my cat

How are YOU feeling today? Let’s get real.

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Ideas are my jam.

I am not an overnight success story. Just listen to @queenbaegoals and her latest podcast if you want proof of that!

I made A LOT of mistakes in the beginning of my business. I took the long journey.

Here is what marketing looked like when I got my start. I’ll date myself a bit here:
▪ Social media (except MySpace) wasn’t a thing.
▪ Websites were hot on the scene and very few people had them.
▪ Online courses, virtual sessions, and webinars weren’t an option.
▪ We hung flyers in coffee shops to market ourselves.
▪ I made genuine connections with local business owners.

So, as you can imagine, when it comes to the business/marketing game, I’ve witnessed a lot of growth, expansion and pivoting over the years!

Thankfully, I work really well under pressure. If something isn’t working, a new idea will pop into my head to make the situation better. It’s served me and my clients super well over the years.

So, here are 3 questions to ask yourself if you’re feeling stuck and in need of a good idea to gain momentum today:

1. What part of the process are you stuck on?
(because you aren’t stuck in the WHOLE process even though it feels like it … remind yourself of that)

2. To create forward momentum, how can you create more of a connection with your ideal clients?
(try to shift from thinking about it as sales or marketing … you’re just connecting)

3. Who can you talk to?
(sometimes you need to circle back on your list of interested prospects. Sometimes you just need to talk out what is going on to get unstuck.)

No matter what, just know that you’re on your way already. Sometimes the way just needs a little tweaking 😉

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Trying to capture everyone out of the gate will slow you down.

Your message will get lost and you will be frustrated with your lack of steady clients.

Your goal here is to start small, test the market and then expand.

Getting specific upfront on the group of people you want to help will create a LOT more clients for you early on.

Expanding slowly into new markets will be easier with a much clearer focus as you move forward.

Contrary to what everyone thinks ... this doesn’t box you in ... it actually opens up limitless possibilities.

Want to know how? Join the Collective to gain access to my exclusive online course where I layout how to get started. Then get ongoing support to keep the momentum going!

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