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The bracelet I’m wearing says BADASS is Morse Code. Compliments of my dear friend @st8angel 💕💕💕💕

Do I feel that way every day? Definitely not.

Do I try to remember something badass about myself day? Definitely.

Please believe that you are worthy of success and happiness.

There is NOTHING wrong with you if you aren’t where you want to be ... YET.

We go through layers and layers of de-conditioning, confidence boosting, and trial and error before we open ourselves up to receive success, abundance, and often belief in ourselves.

Trust that it’s happening as long as you are taking steps forward.

That’s the key to momentum after all ... ACTION.

You badass.

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Pause for a moment. Ask yourself what habits you tend to fall into again and again and again that hold you back.

Don't focus on the specific people or events. Instead, look at the undercurrent of the habit.

Why do you let those people in?
Why do the same events keep happening?
Why do you pick the fight?
Why do you prioritize the busyness?
Why do you put your happiness last?
Why do you avoid the ones you love?

Then ask yourself - how much positive energy are you willing to allow into your life?

Is it possible you create chaos to avoid the good stuff?

If this intrigues you, check out the book, The Big Leap...

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Here are 3 reasons I find business owners don't see faster business growth:

1. You're putting all of your marketing "eggs" into one basket: social media.

I know that social media has ALL of the buzz lately but I also know that most of my clients tell me they don't actually like social media and it's a huge energy suck. There are so many other ways to market yourself.

2. Your words and your actions aren't matching.

When I launched The Collective, I immediately felt fear. I then proceeded to listen heavily to my negative inner critic and procrastinated away what little time I did have to market my new offer. My words were saying one thing about what I was doing with my time. My actions were doing anything but. I had to do the inner work to calm my inner critic (she’s bossy!) first.

3. Your actions are lacking.

You know what you should be doing to grow. But if you aren't actually doing it, you are setting yourself up for failure. It's wonderful to set the intention for clients, to hope (really hard) that they come along, and to talk about it with your close circle all day. But that's only half the equation. You have to take action ... every day (daily momentum, right?!) ... and show up.

Some days = crickets (heartbreaking, I know)

Some days = critics (constructive - ok. Damaging? not ok.)

Some days = incredible connections with soul level clients who light up working with you and turn on your light from the inside out.

And the more of those you find > the more you attract > the more fun your business gets > the more change you create > the more money you make > the more you can pass it on!

If you see yourself in these 3 blocks above ... then please hop scotch on over to check out The Collective. Here are few things you can expect:

💕 weekly marketing tips to get past block #1

💕 coaching time to scoot you past block #2

💕 implementation workshops so you don't get stuck in block #3

Is May the month you take charge of your business growth? *link is in my bio*

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Wait for it ...

You use your intuition every day. Are you unlocking this incredible capability you have and using it as a strength?

How might you operate differently if you could easily turn inward and quickly feel …🤗 Who to work with
😣 Who NOT to work with
🤩 When to take action vs when to wait a little longer
🥳 If a potential collaboration is a good idea
🤔 If you should do a certain task today or if it matters
😍 If a new idea is one to act on or set aside

Perhaps it’s quite possible that this life is actually very simple to navigate – we just tend to overcomplicate (read: overthink) things.

Your decisions can actually come quite quickly and easily.

You do, in fact, have an internal intuitive guidance in business.

Are you using it enough?

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Calling in those big dream vibes today. How about you? ...

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As a business owner, you’re constantly pulled in a million different directions.

Don’t let marketing slip to the bottom of your list of priorities. Make it a point to have marketing meetings where you focus on your goals and designate tasks so everyone on your team can take ownership of their duties. If it’s just you, block time each week for marketing.

Knee-jerk social media posts and poorly written blogs take up your time and won’t yield results. Think through the dates and times you’re publishing content, and consider whether your topics are relevant and timely for your audience. There should be a “why” behind each aspect of your marketing efforts.

If the term marketing shuts you down (and you aren’t alone in that!), just ask yourself, “how do I want to show up this week? What is most relevant to my audience?” Then show up in the way that feels the most exciting to you. Maybe it’s video, maybe it’s blogs, maybe it’s your newsletter. Maybe it’s all of them with repurposed content!

Just make sure it’s showcasing your wisdom and personality! 💕

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