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Choosing a designer or a coach can be a very personal decision (not to mention a very big leap)! I am more than happy to answer your questions. I want you to feel like you’re making the best decision possible for your brand. Fill me in with what you’re dreaming up using this contact form and we’ll set up a call. 

Let’s stay connected, too! I’m always offering up inspiration and business growth tips through my blog and social channels. I’d love to get to know you there.

What if you had guardrails in your business?

My clients are highly intuitive. They listen to their gut instincts. They act quickly when they get inspiration.

They also sometimes feel lost in the basics of marketing guidelines. How to scale something. Foundational elements in the business. Creating a strong brand.

That's where I come in. I provide the guardrails. I heal your relationship with technology. I help you create the parameters that *feel* good to deliver your message. Then set you free to dream and create with that foundation of knowledge. When you're ready to uplevel, we dream again and expand the guardrails.

This process is SO freeing and SO fun. There are a billion ways to market your business and to scale and configure your offerings. I love to jump into that playground and make sense of an infinite number of possibilities to create a foundational plan that aligns with you, your brand, and your style.

Curious how? Click my link in the bio to read my latest blogs or take my *free* 5 Day Business Building Course!

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Do you make breathing room for dreams to grow?

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What did I gain from hiring coaches?

I’ve invested thousands in coaches, training and continuing education. I have not always gotten back my investment monetarily. But what I did gain that was priceless?

💪 motivation to keep building the business and put myself out there.
💪 drive to hit send/make the phone call/ask for the connection/etc.
💪 inspiration to think bigger
💪 community to open doors and expand my network
💪 clarity
💪 accountability

What have you learned from your coaches that was priceless to you?

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I've been journaling lately on what fulfills me, what lights me up, and what success means to me. I sense a pivot happening and these periodic check-ins are so important to realign and ground myself.

I was expecting these powerful new insights to spring forth onto the page. What poured out of me instead was all the ways I was taking my life for granted. (damn - not me going on autopilot!) What I wrote about were personal activities that I have pushed to the wayside, work where I was focusing on the 10% I don't like vs the 90% I do, and communication that I've let slip because it's easier not to address it.

What also poured out of me were the little things that sparked me each day.
🌤 Client interactions that make me smile.
🌤 Seeing my clients have breakthroughs.
🌤 Watching my clients launch their stories into the world and start a new chapter.
🌤 The sense of peace I feel as I say yes to myself or set boundaries.
🌤 The beautiful growth of relationships when the elephants in the room are addressed.
🌤 Or when the world mirrors your brilliance back to you because you truly embody your authenticity so fully (this is my biggest measure for success btw).

Please remember that those big flashy sparks of inspiration are wonderful when they happen! They are so affirming and energizing and it's an easy YES. It would be wonderful if all daily inspiration and momentum came from those flashy moments.

But, it’s really the simpler everyday moments that make up the true marrow of life. They can be easily missed so pay attention.

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When nothing seems to go right ... sometimes it does.

This week went squirrely (this summer really, but let's not go there). Earlier this week, my kiddo got sick again. Why do kids get sick SO much??? It's cruel. She was sick last week and had a resurgence for 24 hours which is weird. But really, with kids, nothing is all that unusual anymore.

Anyway, I had a massage scheduled for the next day and figured I would probably be needing to care for her so I called to cancel. Unfortunately, I was within the 24-hour timeframe so if they couldn't fill the spot, I would be charged. It was a 90-min blissful space that I had carved out for myself with my favorite therapist who is super hard to get in with. I was frustrated that I wouldn't be able to use it AND would end up paying for it anyway. But, I run a business and I honor cancellation policies cause I get it!

So, I sent out the invitation to my friends to grab the spot if they wanted it. I also posted in some of my business and mom's groups because we all need a 90 min stress relief time. Surely someone would want this coveted time slot.

I woke up the next morning and my kiddo was bouncing off the walls, acting perfectly normal. I called to check on the spot and ...

🙊 There were no takers. 🙊

I went ahead and re-booked that time slot myself. What you see here is the face of someone grateful that the Universe knew when I needed a little self-care. Despite having made other project work slots for the day already, that appt remained open and waiting for me. Like an insistent parent tapping their foot waiting for the right decision. And, for my husband for pushing me to go anyway even though I was worried my kiddo would need me that day anyway (she didn't at all).

I did need that time. I did enjoy it. This is another reminder for me that all the pieces fall into place. We just have to melt into the belief that it all works out and let go. I think when we hold on too tight, that's really when things go sideways.

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Your network is bigger than you think it is.
Reach out, make connections, ask for help, and
share what you're doing. Now is not the time to be shy.

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