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Special visitor on my walk this week! So gorgeous. ...

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My strategy session calendar is blowing up this month! I am loving it. Are you prepared for next year's offers?

So many of you are reaching out because:
😩you (and your schedules) are overwhelmed and exhausted with pay-by-the-hour clients. *that's not the part I love ... it pains me to hear you feeling overwhelmed*

🤪You're telling me how hard it is to make sense of what you’re offering anymore because so many people need help and you don’t have a clear path for them.
- And yet - you LOVE what you do! *that is SO clear*

🕖You need more time in your schedule so *you* can have some time off.

💓You're craving deeper connections with your clients to really be able to move them forward.

And I *love* this growing season in business even though it's uncomfortable. You're about to step into deeper work, longer-term clients, and

Here's the part I love about our work together. We can:
➡️hone in on how you truly want to serve *for now* so you can provide a clear runway for your clients to work with you and experience the shift they desire.

➡️understand your heart's calling and the desires and needs of your clients and create a way to work with your ideal clients that's organized but still full of heart and soul.

➡️systemetize parts of your process so you aren't doing *SO MUCH* manual work.

Want to play with your 2022 strategy? Click the link in my bio to pop into my schedule! Times are filling up fast as we round out the year. 😍

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Working out with a one year old 😍🤣🥰 ...

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Dun Dun Dun ... the endless scroll. You know the one. Where you don't even realize your finger is scrolling and your eyes have glazed over while your mind races.

Why do you stop the scroll? Because something catches your attention. Usually, that something has big personality or a bold statement. Don’t be afraid to show who you are on your social feeds, your website, and your marketing! Remember: prospects don't know you yet. Give them a taste of who you are. Like attracts like so if you want to pull in totally aligned clients, let your interests, musings, and humor shine.

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Some mornings just start off with an extra gift. *deep breath and gratitude* ...

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Earlier this year, I was a special guest on Drop The Aspiring Act Podcast. Talking about how I find momentum for my business and day-to-day life. You can listen on all major podcast platforms, or click the link in my bio and head to the free resources page!

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