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In My Earbuds On The Daily Is A Meditation By @abrahamhickspublications Check out Abraham Hicks on Spotify ( What do you listen to daily to keep your vibe high? ...

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I see you over there. Working hard. Following your passion. Finding your way.

Business owners are the hardest working, emotionally strong people I know. Everything falls on them from marketing to bookkeeping, to the actual client work, to admin functions, and everything in between. They do it with a smile because they love their work. They outsource and grow and delegate as income allows. They are scared to grow because of the financial and emotional risk involved but know they need to. They underpromise and overdeliver. They work hard to keep their clients happy because they know that is what keeps them coming back! They overthink their decisions and have a hard time setting boundaries. They don't have coworkers to talk to so they can vent, run ideas by them, or take a break. They take unpaid sick leave, holidays, and vacation time. They are on the hook for customer service, production, and delivery. And they love it. Okay, maybe not all of it, but the passion for their work outweigh the downfalls.

Don't be fooled - they work hard. They keep it together but sometimes want to crumble. They take it on the chin when someone dislikes their work, but they cry a little inside. They dig deep to find patience, energy, and groundedness. They stoke their passion and play with their creativity.

If you're a business owner, I see you. I see you getting out there, growing your biz, doing the work, kicking ass, and taking names.

If you aren't a business owner, and you know one, send them some love. They need it from time to time!

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Tick Tock! ⏰ On Wednesday, we start the process of blasting through blocks, opening up to the potential in your business, gaining clarity around what you offer, and firming up your business systems. But, WHY should you focus on these things in your business?

1️⃣ Peace of mind. When things are running smoothly, you can relax more, worry less, and stop chasing your own tail.
2️⃣ Pride and excitement. When your offers truly amplify the core of your purpose with your clients, there is a constant current of excitement to serve and connect.
3️⃣ Community. When you know you're not the only one facing blocks in your business, you can open up to the possibility on the other side of your challenges. And, learn from others how to best navigate through them.
4️⃣ Momentum. When you sit on an idea stewing for too long, you become stagnant. When you chase too many ideas, you feel disjointed. When you have focused direction, you create momentum.
5️⃣ Boundaries. When you know what you're offering, how you're offering it, and how a client progresses with you, you will have natural boundaries set up. Those will protect your energy. How many clients you take on. And, how much you give.
6️⃣ Steps. Instead of feeling this huge, wide-open abyss of possibility, you'll have specific steps (more like a ladder) to help you move forward and make progress.

Feeling the need for any of those things? I think a LOT of us are right now! The 8-week Business Breakthrough class starts Wed and registration closes today at 12p EST! Save your spot before time runs out. I would love to see the momentum you set in motion over the next two months!

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If you’re finding that you are at a point in your business where you really want to nail down …

✅ What needs to get done so you have more energy to do what you love.
✅ Compelling offers people want and can’t wait to sign up for.
✅ How to explain what you do (it’s so personalized to each client, right?)
✅ A streamlined approach to what you offer so you can serve your clients more deeply.
✅ A strategy to get clients, and keep them!
✅ Your client process so it’s easy and (dare I say) automated.

Then I invite you to join me for the 8-week Business Breakthrough Class. This will be a fall jumpstart for your business momentum. During these 8 weeks, you will:
🥳 Define a niche that creates expansion without boxing yourself in.
🥳 Create packages that allow spaciousness with your clients, steady income, and a personalized approach (seriously!).
🥳 Form messaging that feels like you – and not icky!
🥳 Craft a client process that is as easy to explain as it is to implement.
🥳 Decide on a marketing strategy that feels like you and doesn’t have you chasing down all the social strategies (in fact, you might not use social at all!)
🥳 Learn about systems that will streamline your processes so you don’t have to do all the things.

Each of the 6 lessons in my exclusive Daily Business Momentum Program focuses on a core topic that you will need to master to create longevity in your business. This program is a compilation of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in over a decade of business (and what I wish I’d known when I got started). When you feel wobbly, you can revisit at any time to re-center.

We start on September 15th. Click the link in my bio to learn more and register!

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Summer is bowing out to let Fall take center stage. Can you feel it? It's coming!

I'm usually such a summer baby, but this year I am feeling really ready for fall. I'm not a pumpkin spice or pumpkin beer girl (I know, I know, you all love them!). I'll take a spiced beer any day though. #coldmountainwinterale anyone?

I live for those cozy jeans and sweater kind of days.
Good friction on a solid outdoor climb.
A crisp hike with a clear mountain view.
S'mores and camping.
Babies that look like the Michelin Man, all bundled up (so cute!)

That's the vibe I'm ready for this year! How about you? What's your favorite season?

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Maybe you’re following a class you took on how to get clients that is all about social media (and you hate social media). Maybe you’re relying on friends and family to fill your client list (which only works for so long). Maybe you don’t have a marketing strategy at all (which really doesn't work at all).

In order for marketing to really work, your strategy needs to reflect how you prefer to connect with people. For example, if you hate social media and that is the only place you’re showing up, that will sabotage your success.

Surprise! Social media is not my preferred way of marketing. I use it to support other ways I connect, but it's not my primary avenue. I do a lot of marketing elsewhere! Find the way that lights you up and amplifies your energy!

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