About Molly

An American educator, social entrepreneur, and visionary.

Molly is best known as the founder of Girls on the Run International, the self-esteem, youth-development, and healthy lifestyle program, for 3rd to 8th grade girls.  She started Girls on the Run International, in 1996, with 13 girls in Charlotte, NC.  Since then, the program has inspired over 2.5 million girls to know and activate their limitless potential.

Molly’s Background

The Founder of Girls on the Run and a globally recognized role model for positive change, Molly motivates audiences to embrace their individual strengths, ask the hard question of themselves, and realize their potential to change the world.

An accomplished triathlete, Molly encourages others to run toward hope, passion and self-discovery to solve problems and overcome adversity.  

Molly also designed the Red Boot Way, an intentional form of communication that encourages deep listening and profound curiosity, when challenged by those with differing perspectives. 

As Seen In

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Molly is a bold storyteller, unabashed in her truth-telling.

Trauma, addiction, recovery, and self-discovery are powerful elements of her story.  Highly sought-after for her public speaking, Molly is known for her audacious vulnerability, her willingness to challenge society’s flawed and oppressive status quo, and her heartful allegiance to the ultimate rebellion…being oneself.

When asked recently what his mom does for a living, James, now 26 years old responded,

“I don’t know what she does exactly, but I do know how she makes people feel.

Seen, heard, empowered and loved.

Molly is …

She is also a writer, an athlete, a retreat designer and facilitator, and the mother to two grown children, James and Helen.

Molly is definitely a morning person!  She starts each day with meditation, a strong cup of coffee, and a walk with her dogs, most days as the sun is rising! As she’s gotten older, she’s come to appreciate the importance of solitude and quiet time in maintaining her mental and emotional health. This is why, before or after workshops, retreats, or speaking engagements, you’ll definitely find her running on nearby trails, riding her bike on country roads, or just chilling at home, relaxing with her dogs.