You see a logo.

I see a powerful first impression of your company.

You see brochures and flyers.

I see your company’s personality expressed through design.

Your customers see the answer to their needs.

Katie’s graphic design philosophy is simple: Create marketing materials that speak to your customer.

It all begins with knowing your customers.

What makes them tick? What motivates them? What void do you fill?

Designed for Momentum creates a graphic identity that speaks to your audience.


Print Design

Whether you are just getting started or have been in business for a while, we create print design that speaks to your customer. Our goal is for your marketing to tell your story and to connect with your customers deepest needs. We aren’t just making artwork that looks pretty (even though it does), we are also always focused on the function of the pieces we are designing and the momentum they create. Our process is simple, highly collaborative and delivers the results you are looking for.

Our Print Design Process

Intake meeting
This meeting takes about an hour and helps us understand your business vision and mission, customer profiles, who will be receiving the printed pieces and to brainstorm any additional features that could optimize your customer experience. In some cases, we are starting from the ground up with an ideation phase of what would best serve your business.

Signed contract and deposit
This marks the beginning of our project together. Payments are accepted up front and upon completion of the project in two equal parts. A contract of service is required to begin a project. Timelines vary based on the intricacy of your print needs. We will discuss timeline in our first meeting.

Designs presented to client
After our intake meeting, we will pull together initial designs reflecting your brand and vision. These will be delivered in PDF form. We typically include 1-3 designs for you to review and 3 rounds of edits. This process is highly collaborative and we ask for honest feedback as we move along so that each step brings us closer to the vision you have and the story you wish to tell through your marketing.

Design chosen by client
Once you are positive about the direction of a design, we will need approval in order to move forward to prep it to print. We want you to be 100% satisfied with a design, so we encourage honesty throughout our process in order to attain a final product that you love.

We will work with you to choose a printer that fits your needs and your budget. Our clients will sometimes come prepared with a printer that they know they want to go through. Others are not sure and are looking for referrals. We are happy to accommodate either need. We coordinate with printers easily and send all files directly to them print-ready. We do not cover the cost of printing in an effort to save you money in your project. We’ll do the heavy lifting and then hand the printer off to you to so you can pay them directly without having to worry about mark up fees.

Photography and copywriting
Designed For Momentum does not provide photography or copywriting services. All content is the responsibility of you or the copywriter you choose. We do provide stock photography within budget, but custom photography is the responsibility of you or the photographer you choose. We can provide referrals to superb copywriters and photographers as needed.