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Imagine being able to relax and unwind from a visit with your massage therapist, then further melt away any stress by attending a meditation class?  Or, doing yoga after your appointment with your mental health counselor to solidify your mind-body connection? The healing that takes place can truly be profound – when you combine all the right elements. That’s Elemental Healing Charlotte!

Elemental Healing Charlotte came to us with a unique set of challenges when it came to redesigning their website. As a wellness rental facility, we needed to showcase that they had office space and community rooms available for rent. We also needed to highlight the practitioners they have working there as well as the many unique events they host each month. We accomplished this by offering clear links on the homepage to all of the featured areas and making each area as easy to interact with as possible. All practitioners are searchable by name or modality. And, we implemented an easy to follow calendar for users to keep up with the variety of classes they have to offer.

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