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About the Project

Ethox has been a client almost since the inception of Designed for Momentum. We’ve been through 3 redesigns together in the last two decades. Each time, we upgrade back-end functionality while improving the front-end user experience.

Our goal this time was to modernize the design of the website while making some of the most-used customer features more prominent. This will increase user satisfaction as we move forward.

Our main priority was the product pages as the previous design required a more streamlined approach. The highest requested features moved up into a prominent section, while the product data became more clean and easy to read. All product literature is easy to find and download. Additionally, we focused on the longevity and experience that Ethox provides as we shared their company history and capabilities.

I’m a chemist, the head of R&D at a specialty chemical company. Our company lifeblood is regularly developing new products to renew our existing lines of over 500 products. We also work to find new markets or applications for our existing products to extend their lifetimes. The company had no marketing staff, so I was charged with building a marketing plan to help achieve these goals. What’s more, we had no website to build our marketing effort around.

One of our sales account managers knew Katie and knew that she did website design and development work. We hired her to help us get the website going. What a great idea that was! Katie helped us beginners design and set up our website from the ground up. She led us each step of the way, not only giving us guidance on what elements we needed in the site, but also listening to us to learn more about our company so that the website would reflect us and our corporate mission well. She developed great designs for our web pages and our technical bulletins, giving both a very professional look that we couldn’t have done ourselves. She led regular meetings throughout the website design and implementation process so we could see how things worked and choose between options for various features. We ended up with a great looking website that everyone here is proud of! We’ve continued to work with her to maintain the website going forward.

Not only was Katie very good with the website design and graphics, but she is quite knowledgeable about other aspects of running a good website. She helped us implement a number of tools to help our customers find us on the internet, make our site Google friendly, interface with our newsletters, and be secure. Katie is a pleasure to work with, and her rates are very reasonable. I can wholeheartedly recommend Katie to anyone needing help building and running a website.

Chip Palmer

Ethox Chemicals

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