Healing From Alzheimer’s Website

About the Project

After losing her mother to Alzheimer’s Disease, Dr Becky took a proactive approach to treatment and prevention.
Dr Becky Spacke is a Qualified ReCODE Report™ practitioner in Aurora, Colorado. Her mission is to help Alzheimer’s patients minimize or reverse this debilitating disease … and help prevent Alzheimer’s from developing in those with concerning risk factors.

Dr Becky hired us to create a website for her new endeavor. She wanted a website that was colorful and extremely easy to follow. She wanted it to be supportive and full of information but yet not overwhelming to the visitor. 

We utilized the bright, vibrant colors from her logo to create a cheerful website for what can otherwise be a very heavy topic. Dr Becky’s mission is to provide hope and education. She is doing important work in this world and we were grateful to be able to support her in reaching a broader audience through her website. 

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