Holistic Acceptance Logo Design

About the Project

Ashley is an incredibly trusted therapist among her clients. She creates a calming, comfortable, and engaging atmosphere for her psychotherapy practice. She found deeper levels of healing for herself and for her patients when she began integrating her intuition into her therapy practice. As such, her brand evolved into an integrative and intuitive practice. Ashley desired a brand aesthetic that was soothing, clean, and spa-like. Her logo integrates the moon, symbolizing the transformation her patients go through. We also chose the moon reflecting on the water to represent the reflection of light and dark that is explored through therapy. The subtle water element brings in the reminder to all of us to embrace fluidity in our own journey. 

“Katie has been an incredible guide along the transformation of my business dream into a reality. I have felt deeply heard, valued, and supported, and she was professional and knowledgeable to boot. 10/10 recommend.” 

Ashley Dianne Posey

Owner, Holistic Acceptance PLLC

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