JH Swash

About the Project

SWASH is a line of repellent and release products that simplify cleaning and improve hygiene in hatcheries, poultry houses, and swine facilities

SWASHâ„¢ is a proprietary liquid that inhibits the ability of dust, soil, and other organic matter to build up on surfaces, increasing the efficiency of cleaning processes, and improving overall hygiene in poultry and swine facilities.

Owned by Jones-Hamilton, Co., the SWASH team enlisted our help in early 2018 to develop their website for this new product line. We have supported their growth ever since expanding from their website into print design, tradeshow displays, and marketing support.

Our goal has always been to clearly state the benefits of their products with an attractive, eye-catching brand that will appeal to the consumer and stand out at tradeshows. They have since expanded their product line to include 4 unique products. Their website now features e-commerce. And, their blog catalog has increased tremendously. We are proud of our partnership with this dynamic company and love that we were part of their success story from the start of their marketing.

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