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About the Project

Robbie Warren and I designed her original website over 5 years ago. A lot had changed both on the web and in her business. She was desperately in need of a more robust website design, branding and integration. Her business was growing and she needed a website that could keep up with it while helping her business to run more efficiently.

We took the tribal themes of Robbie’s work as a shaman and brought them into her branding while still honoring the original leather texture and blue color palette from her existing branding. We also created integrations and automations for her shop, global retreats, online courses and new School of Earth Medicine.

In addition, we created a sister site for her Fire Dance offerings. You’ll see that the branding there is a nod to Otter Dance while still being able to stand on it’s own.

We’ve loved seeing how much Otter Dance has grown and we’ve been honored to be able to support that growth all these years.

“Katie, thank you for all you do!!!  Big LOVE!
Katie and her team designed my first website so well the first time that it remained viable for 9 years!  To me that was amazing considering how much my business has grown and changed in those years.  It became clear that it was time for a revamp and I immediately called Katie.  I did not even look at other Designers because I knew that Katie understands all that I need and she would be able to created a unique and powerful website for all of my community.
The process was easy and clear and I always knew where the project was during development.  Katie’s creative ability and knowledge of the mechanics of internet technology is amazing.  My new website is more than I could have hoped.  A big thank you to Katie and her entire team for their dedication and commitment to get it right!”
Robbie Warren

Owner, Otter Dance

“Katie designed the original Otter Dance site, and I was thrilled to have her work with Otter Dance again to assist us in better serving our community with a more in-depth and intuitive website.  Katie’s ability to listen to her clients’ vision for their website along with her understanding of the organization’s brand allows her to do something extraordinary and custom to each person and organization she works with.  This definitely happened for Otter Dance, and as a result, the organization has an artful and dynamic tool that serves every member of the community ranging from the decision makers to the end users.  In my opinion, Katie is the best in the business at assisting her customers in building their brand and facilitating business growth!”

Brandy Winn

Business Coordinator, Otter Dance

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